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Former German Territories in Poland

German Province: East Prussia / Ost Prussia / Ostpreußen

rominten Groß-Rominten

Here are a number of old photographic postcards of the former German town of Rominten in East Prussia (Ostpreussen), Germany. The Rominten estate was acquired by Hermann Göring in 1936 and was used extensively by him until the arrival of Soviet troops in late 1944. After which the area became part of the Kaliningrad enclave of Russia and Rominten was renamed Krasnolesye.

Rominten ansichtskarten

We hope that by making these and other old postcards available online that they will be of interest to anyone interested in the history of Rominten / Rominty Wielkie; researching the East Prussia area; or looking into Prussian, Jewish, German, Polish or Russian ancestry.

Rominten hunting lodge

Rominten ostpreussen

Rominten jadghaus

See also our page of historic images of the nearby town of Hohenstein (Olsztynek).

Rominten jagdschloss

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Rominten Prussia


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Polish Name: Rominty Wielkie

Russian name: Krasnolesye (Red Woods)






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