Old Picture Postcards of former Prussian German territories in Poland

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Former German Territories in Poland

German Province: Lower Silesia

Bunzlau Silesia

Here is a selection of images of the former German town of Bunzlau in Lower Silesia, Prussia, Germany, now Boleslawiec, Poland. We hope that by making these old postcards available online that they will be of interest to anyone interested in the history of Bunzlau (Boleslawiec) or researching their ancestry. 

Bunzlau Germany    Bunzlau

boleslawiec bunzlau poland

We do not sell old postcards and photographs but we recommend that you try the old postcard link above. We have found them to be a valuable source of many interesting old German-era postcards and photographs, and many of the original, antique postcards you can see here have been purchased there. These photographs and postcards date from 1898 through to 1945.

bolesławiec bunzlau

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boleslawiec bunzlau schlesien


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Polish Name: Bolesławiec

Polish Province: Dolnoslaskie






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